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Chaplain’s Chat                      Rev. Dun Gordy

Whose Side Are You On?

 Uncle Carl was particularly appreciative of the Pastor’s Sunday Sermon.  “It was such a good message, Pastor.  It was great to hear you this morning”, he said as they left church.  The Reverend was a bit puzzled, not thinking he’d done quite that good. In his mind it was no more different than others he had been preaching. 

When Carl continued with his profuse praise, the Pastor finally had to ask “What made it so good?”

 “Well, it was just good to hear you again” Uncle Carl beamed.

 “You have been here every Lord’s Day, sitting in your usual pew with your lovely wife” the Pastor chuckled.  “You always look like you are paying attention. Certainly better than some of the sleepy brethren” he added with a wink.

 “Yes, but this Sunday I could hear what you said.  My hearing aids had to be sent back to Bangladesh or Bangkok or somewhere and it took a month to repair them.  I finally got them back this week.”

 “You mean that you have been coming to church for a whole month and couldn’t hear a word of the sermon?  Why would you even bother to come?”  The Pastor was obviously impressed.

 “I wanted to make sure the Devil and everybody else knows whose side I am on!”

 That’s one of the reasons I have a bumper sticker on each of my vehicles that declares that I am a “PROUD DESCENDENT OF A CONFEDERATE VETERAN”.  In this day of so-called political correctness, I want it known that I am far more interested in being historically accurate than politically correct, as some bumper stickers declare.  

 My pastor told me last week that he had met someone who knew me.  He said we had met at an SCV function somewhere.  Dr. Weaver assured him that “every time Dun has preached in my pulpit, he’s had that SCV membership pin in his lapel.”

 I have a feeling that one reason our nation and certainly our beloved South has slipped into the watered down, wishy-washiness of this disgusting political climate is that not enough of us, descendants of the Confederacy, speak up.  And, for the same reason, many churches and previously great denominations have slipped into theological liberalism is that Bible believing Christians haven’t taken the initiative to stand up and speak up for the truth.  The least we can do is identify ourselves. 

 Like Uncle Carl, lets let the Devil and everyone else know whose side we are on!