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Confederate Memorial Day Ceremony

April 24, 2004

On Confederate Memorial Day we pay homage to our brave ancestors who gave their property, their fortunes, and even their lives for a just cause, to try to preserve the way of life which was guaranteed by the Constitution.  Limited, unobtrusive federal government and freedom to govern their state as the people of that state wished.

This Confederate Memorial Day was a another great tribute to our Confederate Heroes.  We were able to pay special homage to several Confederate veterans, Capt. Melton Haynes, David P. Godfrey, 2nd Lt. W. J. McEaddy, H. E. Wideman, all buried in the Yalaha Cemetery.  Commander Harry Hurst conducted the ceremony at Capt. Haynes' former homestead.  This was made possible by the perseverance of Legionnaire Bob Grenier and the cooperation of Mission Inn Property Management, the current owners of the property.   Due to Legionnaire Grenier's hard work the house has been added to the Historic Places list and will be moved and preserved for future generations.  He has also written a book about Capt. Haynes entitled, "Florida's Forgotten Pioneer: The Gallant Captain Melton Haynes."  This location provided a very good backdrop for this year's celebration, overlooking Lake Harris and property formerly owned by Capt. Haynes.  Capt. Haynes owned property and a home on the other side of the lake and would row across the lake to build Woodlea, where the ceremony took place.  Six direct descendants of Capt. Haynes were in attendance, including his grandson, Melton V. Haynes.  During the Memorial Service, Camp 741 gained a new Compatriot as Steve McGillivray was sworn in and a new Legionnaire, William R. Holcomb was sworn in.  Certificates were given to each of the descendants of Capt. Haynes to honor their presence and his memory.  A certificate of appreciation was given to Bob Grenier, Alma Nevarez, John Heischman, David Iannone and Al Schwier of the 3rd Rhode Island Art.'y Battery C, and Mayor Leo Vaughn for their assistance with the ceremony.  The ceremony concluded with some of the participants and family retiring to the Yalaha Cemetery to place flowers and flags at the graves of these fallen heroes.  A special THANK YOU goes out to all the folks who made this event so successful!

(Larger photos have been archived.  E-mail for copies.)