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SCV Camp 741

Confederate Heroes' Graves Marker and Flag Project

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is charged with honoring our fallen Confederate warriors and preserving their memory.  We are dedicated to finding and marking Confederate Veterans gravesites.  With this charge is insuring that markers and flags are placed at their gravesites.

Gravesite of Elhanan Bryan Summerall, Greenwood Cemetery, Eustis, FL

Initially the CSA marker was found beside the wrong stone, a relative of E.B. Summerall.

The CSA marker was placed beside the stone at the insistence of the sexton.



Gravesites Of Confederate Veterans were located in the Glendale Cemetery and information compiled maintain records of the locations and personal information of these early pioneers to Lake County.  A maintenance detail is scheduled soon.


(Larger photos have been archived.  E-mail for copies.)