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Chaplain's Chat

By  Reverend Dun Gordy

Now it's Christmas!

Like A Rock

No Continuing City?

Christian Uniforms

Citizens and Refugees

Whose Side Are YOU On?

Pay Attention!



Dun came to Columbus, GA about 65 years after the Yankees captured and burned the city.  Besides praying daily for "God, please make Dun a  preacher", his paternal grandmother fascinated him with stories of his southern heritage.  She was the granddaughter and daughter-in-law of Confederate soldiers and was active in the United Daughters of the Confederacy as well as the Daughters of the American Revolution.
 Dun lived in Columbus until college days and still has lots of family in that area.  He managed to get thru college and a couple of graduate schools without much effect on him except a few degrees.  About his Doctorate he says "a doctor's degree on a preacher is like a curl in a pig's tail.  It might be cute but it doesn't make any more bacon.  Just tickles the hams!"
 Harriet, from Montgomery, AL became his bride in 1962 and they served as pastor of local churches in Georgia, Louisiana and Alabama.  They resigned the church in Alabama after a 6 year ministry and joined New Tribes Mission where they have served since 1971.  Dun's responsibilities have been teaching in the missionary training program and traveling extensive in recruiting.  He has preached on every continent and spent considerable time with missionaries in over 25 remote and isolated tribal groups.
 The Gordy's were transferred to Florida in 1988 and have made their home here in Leesburg since then.  Dun is a freelance writer and the author of two books.  He enjoys history and loves to hunt and fish.  Dun says he didn't know that you could be a Christian if you were a math teacher... until he married one.  Harriet had to retire from school teaching (high school math and elementary 3rd grade) due to failing health in 2001 but still enjoys reading and handwork.
 Dun and Harriet have 3 children and 6 GRANDchildren.

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